The Biggest Home Gym Mistakes

It’s no secret that building a home gym can be extremely challenging. There are seemingly thousands of things to take care of, and if something doesn’t go as planned, it can cost hundreds. In fact, building a home gym can be so intimidating that many people put it off altogether. If you’re feeling nervous about building your home gym or looking for some advice, you’ve come to the right place. This article will look at 10 of the biggest home gym mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes will make your home gym journey run much smoother. So, let’s take a look, shall we?

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Running out of space

One of the most common home gym mistakes is running out of room for equipment. All too often, individuals overestimate the size of their gym space and underestimate the size of their equipment. As a result, they cannot include all the necessary equipment, resulting in a sad, unfinished home gym.

This mistake often occurs due to a lack of planning, with many people rushing into building their home gym instead of thinking things through. The best way to avoid this mistake is to plan your home gym by measuring the available room and the equipment size. This will give you a better understanding of how much equipment you can hold in your home gym, allowing you to prioritize the essential equipment.

Running out of space is one of the easiest home gym mistakes to avoid. So, don’t rush into anything; construct a bulletproof plan for your home gym.

Poor budgeting

One of the worst home gym mistakes you can make is poorly budgeting your build. So many people have far too ambitious plans without the funds to succeed. This ultimately results in an incomplete home gym and a massive waste of money.

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Building your home gym can be an expensive thing to do. Even if you opt for the cheapest option, you can still expect to pay more than a thousand dollars. Unfortunately, underestimating this cost can result in missing out on some of the most important pieces of equipment. Some people may even choose to give up altogether.

To avoid this mistake, take the time to add up the costs of everything you need, from flooring to weight plates, to see if this fits your budget. Then, if you cannot afford everything on your list immediately, strip back everything that isn’t essential.

Items like flooring, lighting, barbells, and benches should be at the top of your list. But, of course, you can always buy other items later down the line.

Opting for quantity over quality

Another huge home gym mistake is buying cheap equipment, which is poor in quality. Many people would rather buy ten different cheaper items than three quality ones. This can be a big mistake for several reasons.

Firstly, cheaper equipment is generally more unsafe than quality equipment. Unfortunately, an affordable equipment price tag can sometimes mean corners were cut to achieve a lower price, which is the last thing you want when lifting weights. For instance, lacking trust in a solid bench may make you feel less inclined to push yourself to a bench press PR.

Cheap gym equipment is also less likely to last as long as quality equipment. Over time, therefore, more affordable options can become more expensive due to the cost of constant replacements. 

Purchasing an $80 bench that only lasts 6-12 months doesn’t quite stack up economically over buying a decent $300 bench that will last for over 10-15 years.

Buying gym equipment that you don't need

When you start building your home gym, buying every shiny piece of equipment you see online can be tempting. Especially when there’s a sale on, it can be pretty hard to resist. However, this is one of the biggest home gym mistakes that you can make.

The likelihood of regularly using an abstract piece of equipment is pretty low. So, buying equipment you didn’t plan for will be not only a waste of money but also a waste of space in your home gym.

Avoid single-purpose equipment like pec decks and leg extension machines. Instead, stick with basic multi-purpose gym equipment you can use for various exercises. If you need more specialized equipment, budget for it and purchase it later.

Prioritizing gym equipment over room setup

Prioritizing gym equipment over your home gym room setup is another common home gym mistake. But, it’s also one of the most understandable. The most exciting part of building a home gym is researching the gym equipment you’ll be using, rather than the lights and flooring, which can be boring in comparison.

Nevertheless, your home gym’s foundations are as, if not more, important than the actual equipment. You can have the best bench and barbell in the world. But, if the floor is just concrete, the lighting is poor, and the room temperature is uncomfortable, your motivation and workout quality will suffer.

So, make sure you spend enough time, and money, planning the foundations of your home gym before you even look at any equipment. A home gym you enjoy being in will be a home gym that gets used.

Forgetting about lighting

Another one of the most common home gym mistakes people make is that they forget all about lighting. Sure, it’s hardly the most exciting part about building a home gym, but it’s undoubtedly important.

Good lighting is essential for any good home gym. Unfortunately, many home gyms built in garages or basements lack natural light increasing the need for good effective lighting.

Having your lighting installed before putting your gym equipment in place would be best. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it should be bright enough so you won’t stumble over anything during your workouts.

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Next to natural light, LEDs and fluorescent lights with a diffuser provide the best home gym lighting option.

If your budget allows, you could choose to have mood lighting installed. This can go a long way toward making your home gym look more professional and could give you more motivation when your workout gets tough.

Not installing appropriate ventilation

Ventilation is arguably even more boring than flooring. However, ignoring it is yet another big home gym mistake you can make.

If your home gym doesn’t have adequate ventilation, things can get pretty humid and smelly. Down the line, this can lead to mold and other health problems. Consider investing in a dehumidifier for around $200 if your home gym has no natural ventilation, such as a basement home gym.

Ensure your home gym has proper ventilation before working out; after all, gyms should be beneficial, not detrimental, to your health.

Not installing appropriate flooring

Flooring is hardly an exciting subject. However, it’s one of the most important aspects of any home gym, and installing poor flooring is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

Any home gym needs good quality rubber flooring. This will help to reduce the sound of the weights hitting the floor. It’ll also prevent impact damage to your floor, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

While installing suitable gym flooring is certainly not the most thrilling part of building a home gym, it’s definitely an essential part.

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Forgetting about storage

Forgetting about storage can come to haunt you down the line. If you don’t leave room for appropriate storage, your home gym will look messy and unorganized. You’re also bound to lose equipment and waste time scrambling to find what you need during your workouts.

To avoid this little faux pas, plan a little room for storage. Most home gyms don’t need much- just a few shelves or drawers will do the trick at the start. Many storage options are cheap too, which is a bonus. Consider using wall hooks for things like bands and skipping ropes.

Not using your home gym

One of the worst home gym mistakes you can make is not actually using it! Spending thousands and working every evening and weekend for months can all become a waste if you don’t use your home gym.

Of course, everyone has times when they struggle to find the time or motivation to complete a workout. This is perfectly normal and understandable; however, neglecting to use your home gym entirely is a massive waste of time and money.

You don’t have to work out for 2 hours every day. But, if you can devise a consistent plan that works for your schedule, all the time and money will be worthwhile. This might seem obvious, but the amount of people who stop using their home gyms is staggering.

Final Thoughts

So, there are ten common home gym mistakes to avoid. Make sure to keep these in mind as you build your home gym. Keep things simple, and you’ll have your dream home gym in no time.

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