Home Gym Mirrors..Essential Buying And Set Up Guide

home gym mirror

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at the gym, I like to take a quick peek at myself in the mirror during and between sets. It helps me gauge my progress and stay motivated.

The same can be said if you have a garage or home gym. Not only do they let you keep an eye on your form during barbell and dumbbell exercises, but they also help create the illusion of a larger space.

Adding home gym mirrors is a great idea and has many advantages. In this guide, I’ll tell you what to consider when buying mirrors for your home gym and how to set them up for optimal viewing. So read on, and get ready to add some extra sparkle to your home workout routine!

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Should I put mirrors in my home gym?

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to put mirrors in your home gym, consider this: mirrors make the room appear larger and brighter, and they can be helpful for watching your form. Plus, they might give you the extra motivation to push yourself harder during your workout. But on the other hand, mirrors can be pricey and require regular cleaning.

So it’s really up to you to decide whether or not they’re worth the investment. Just remember that at the end of the day, your home gym should be a place where you feel comfortable working out. So if mirrors will help you achieve that goal, don’t hesitate to put them up.

Are gym mirrors different from home mirrors?

Gym and home mirrors may look the same but serve different purposes. At home, mirrors are mainly used for cosmetic purposes, such as checking your appearance or admiring your new clothes. 

In contrast, gym mirrors help you improve your form and technique. They allow you to see your entire body while working out, so you can identify any areas that need improvement.

Where do you hang a gym mirror?

An important factor to consider is what kind of exercises you’ll be doing. For example, if you’re mostly going to be using free weights, you’ll want to choose a spot adjacent to your main exercise area where you’ll stand or exercise the most. This way, you can keep an eye on your form and ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly. 

Additionally, if you’re planning on using a squat rack, cage, or similar equipment, you’ll want to choose a spot on the wall behind the equipment so you can see yourself in the mirror while working out.

How far off the ground should gym mirrors be?

Surprisingly gym mirrors don’t need to go all the way to the ground. You can easily set them at least 2 feet from the ground and have complete head-to-toe viewing of your body (while standing). Just be sure to have the top of the mirror at least head height.

home gym mirror
My home gym with a mirror 2 feet from the floor

I have a 4-foot-high mirror sitting 2 feet from the floor behind my Half Rack and find it quite adequate. Even when I do seated rows from the floor, I still have a good view of my form.

If you have a room with power points near the floor, it is far easier to lift the mirrors above the sockets than to cut a mirror to fit. Leave cutting glass to the professionals.

Having your mirrors raised 1-2 feet from the ground is also great if your dumbbells and barbells occasionally roll around your gym, potentially smashing into the glass.

What size mirrors do I need for a home gym?

The ideal mirror size for your home gym will depend on the size of your gym, the layout, and the wall space available.
As a basic rule of thumb, a gym mirror 48 inches in height is sufficient for a head-to-toe reflection of your workout style.

I would recommend a width of at least 36 inches to allow you to see your exercise form with your arms outstretched, such as dumbbell lateral raises. If you have a chin-up bar in your home gym, you may want a much taller mirror installed to see your entire range of motion.

My home gym has three mirrors measuring 7.5 feet x 4 feet. Two of these mirrors I have installed vertically in front of my cable crossover/chin-up bar, almost spanning from floor to ceiling. My third mirror is horizontal, 2 feet off the ground encompassing the entire width of my half rack.

I recommend carefully planning your mirror installation and covering as much wall space with mirrors as your budget allows.

What kind of mirror should I use for a home gym, and how much do they cost?

If you’re setting up a home gym on a budget, your best bet is to look for second-hand mirrors at garage sales, eBay, or Craigslist. You can often find mirrored wardrobes on sale for next to nothing. All you need to do is remove the frame. For example, I set up all my home gym mirrors with second-hand sliding wardrobe doors for under $100.

Cheaper vanity mirrors are also a low-budget option for gym mirrors. You can easily pick up a couple of 36″ x 42″ vanity mirrors from places such as The Home Depot for under $100. However, be mindful of the construction material of some cheaper mirrors. Choose glass mirrors over Acrylic as, over time, these may bend and become distorted. 

DIY home gym kits have become increasingly popular with the explosion in the popularity of home gyms. These kits usually include shatterproof glass and come with screws, clips, and a J-bar channel that supports the mirror from the base.

Fab Glass and Mirror Tempered Glass Mirror on Amazon

DIY home gym mirror kits can be purchased from Amazon or The Home Depot, starting at around $400 for a 36″ x 60″ per mirror with large sizes up to 48″ x 84″ available. Most DIY companies also offer an installation service if you’re not particularly handy. However, expect to pay up to 50% of the mirror price for the installation.

If you’re lucky enough to have an unlimited budget, you can always opt for the type of mirrors used in commercial gyms. These mirrors are the most visually appealing mirrors available and usually have thicker glass. You will generally pay more for commercial mirrors but may be able to negotiate a reasonable price if you deal with a local glass company.

How do you mount a gym mirror?

You’ll want to ensure your home gym mirror is securely attached to the wall. The last thing you want is your mirror to come crashing down mid-workout!
Here’s how to do it:

1. Start by finding the studs in your wall using a stud finder. Mark the positions of the studs with a pencil and a level.

2. Next, measure the mirror’s width and cut a piece of J-bar to size.

3. Line up the J-bar with the studs you marked earlier and use screws to secure it.

4. Insert the mirror into the J-Bar and affix it with clips at the top of the mirror. Alternatively, use an adhesive to glue the mirror to the wall.

5. That’s it! Your frameless mirror is now installed and ready to use.

Summing up Home Gym Mirrors

Home gym mirrors are a great way to motivate yourself while working out. Not only do they make your space look bigger and brighter, but they also help you keep an eye on your form. The size and number of mirrors you should get ultimately come down to your budget and the size and layout of your gym. Put some effort into planning your gym mirrors; it can make a real difference.