How to Choose the Best Adjustable Weight Bench for Home

Are you trying to build the home gym of your dreams but can’t seem to find a good and affordable adjustable weight bench? Well, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look at the best weight benches for home gyms, going through each pros and cons.

adjustable weight bench for home

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Do I need an adjustable weight bench?

First, you might think, why on earth do I need an adjustable weight bench? Well, a few key advantages come with an adjustable bench that you can’t get from a flat bench.

The most significant advantage of an adjustable weight bench is its versatility. With the ability to change the incline of your movement, a whole world of possibilities opens. For instance, chest workouts become more versatile with the addition of incline presses, allowing you to target all three parts of the chest more easily.

Adjustable weight benches can also be a safer option. They’ll allow you to perform an exercise at an angle that’s comfortable for you. In addition, adjustable angles can reduce the risk of injury, showing the importance of an adjustable weight bench.
I recommend an adjustable weight bench over a flat bench to almost anyone.

What should I look for in an adjustable weight bench?

Choosing the right adjustable weight bench can be tricky. It can be tempting to pick up the first weight bench from Walmart that you see, but before you buy anything, keep these requirements in mind:

  • Load Capacity: The last thing you want is a weight bench that restricts you. I’ve made this mistake before, and it’s incredibly frustrating because a small load capacity can majorly stunt your progress. Make sure your weight bench has a high load capacity to make the most out of it.
  • Integrated Weight Rack: If you’re just starting your home gym journey, purchasing a weight bench with an integrated weight rack is a great idea. It’ll allow you to perform a variety of weight bench exercises without having to buy more equipment. However, if you’ve already got a weight rack at your home gym, you’ll want to purchase a weight bench without one integrated. This will save you both time and precious space.
  • Price: Finding a balance between price and quality is never easy. But, choosing a quality weight bench is particularly important for your home gym, as it’ll form the basis for many of your workouts. Consider this before opting for the cheapest option.

Flat bench VS adjustable

If you’re looking for a weight bench for your home gym, you’ll have two options- a flat bench or an adjustable one. I’ve already mentioned my recommendation but take a look at this guide before you make your decision.

Reasons to Buy a Flat Bench:

  • Sturdier: On the whole, flat-weight benches are much sturdier than their adjustable counterparts. So, if you’re looking for a bench with the best build quality and longevity, you’ll probably want to purchase a flat bench.
  • Higher Weight Capacity: flat benches also tend to have a higher load capacity than adjustable weight benches. So, a flat bench could be the best option if you’re looking to lift heavy weights.

Reasons to Buy an Adjustable Bench:

  • More Versatile: As previously mentioned, incline benches are far more versatile than flat benches. You’ll be able to perform pretty much any exercises with a weight bench, rather than just a few, as with a flat bench. An adjustable weight bench is the best choice if you’re looking for the most versatile home gym equipment.
  • Foldable: Because of their 2-cushion design, some adjustable weight benches are also foldable. This makes them a great choice if you’re tight for space, as you’ll be able to fold them away and put them in a corner after every session.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. However, from my experience, I’ve found adjustable weight benches to be a much better choice in the long run due to their versatility and practicality.

What is the best weight bench for home gyms?

You may wonder which weight bench you should purchase for your home gym. We’ve searched far and wide to answer this question. Here are the seven best weight benches for any home gym.

FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench

Arguably the best adjustable weight bench for home gyms is the FLYBIRD adjustable bench. From most stores, it’ll cost you under $100. But for its quality, this price is a steal.

The FLYBIRD adjustable bench is 88×40.4×27 cm, which is pretty big for a weight bench. Some smaller customers have said that workouts can become a challenge because of its size. However, for most people, this shouldn’t be an issue.

The FLYBIRD bench is made from high-quality steel, which enables it to have an impressive load capacity of 362.9 KG. This is one of the highest capacities of any adjustable bench, making it perfect for experienced lifters.

As for versatility, the FLYBIRD bench supports seven different back positions and three seat positions. This will allow you to complete nearly any weight bench exercises you could think of.

Therefore, thanks to its versatility and high build quality, the FLYBIRD adjustable bench is one of the best choices on the market.

Deracy Adjustable Bench

The Deracy bench is one of the sturdiest weight benches around.
The frame itself weighs over 20KG, which makes it feel extremely high-quality. This weight will also help to keep the bench planted to the ground when performing an exercise, increasing overall safety. I’ve used light adjustable benches before, and I can’t count the number of times they slid away from me as I was performing Bulgarian Split Squats! So, trust me, the weight is a great feature.

The Deracy bench is 120 x 46 x 17 cm in size. It can handle 299KG, which will be more than enough for most people. The bench is excellent for smaller lifters, as you’ll be able to get your feet flat on the floor with no trouble. You’ll also get over seven different incline positions.
The biggest drawback with the Deracy adjustable weight bench is that you can’t fold it away. So, this choice might not be for you unless you have a dedicated space for a bench.

Rep Fitness AB-3000

Rep Fitness has a reputation for delivering high-quality fitness equipment at a reasonable price. The AB-3000 is no different, as it is one of the best adjustable weight benches around.

The bench itself weighs around 43KG. As for size, its dimensions are as follows: 141 x 45 x 67 cm, making it one of the tallest weight benches you can buy. So if you’re tall and struggle to find a comfortable weight bench, the AB-3000 could be perfect. Although, a shorter lifter may find this bench more uncomfortable than others on this list.

The most significant selling point of the Rep Fitness AB-3000 is its huge 453.5KG weight limit. So, if you’re a big lifter, the AB-3000 is one of the best choices on the market.


The Xmark adjustable weight bench is 53.75 x 22.25 x 20.25 inches in size and weighs 77 Pounds. With a high-quality steel build, this is easily one of the best-built adjustable weight benches on the market.

The Xmark Adjustable weight bench has seven different incline positions and can take up to 1500 Pounds in weight, which is seriously impressive. Unfortunately, the Xmark adjustable bench cannot fold away for storage, making it a poor choice for anyone tight on space. 


The Yoleo adjustable weight bench is one of the cheapest options on the market, costing under $50 in most shops. Admittedly, it’s not the best weight bench in the world, but it packs impressive specs for the price.

The bench’s dimensions are 121 x 42 x 58.4 cm making the Yoleo bench an excellent choice for shorter lifters. However, if you’re over 6ft, you’ll find this choice too small and uncomfortable.

The Yoleo bench can be folded away and is tiny when folded. So, if you’re tight on space, this is a great option. However, the Yoleo bench can only support 149.7 KG of weight. Once you factor in your weight, this is a tiny figure, making the Yoleo bench impractical for most people.


The Merax adjustable weight bench is 152.4 x 56 x 46 cm in size and around 27KG in weight. It’s made of powder-coated steel and is one of the sturdiest weight benches on the market.

The Merax adjustable weight bench can handle up to 362 KG of weight, making it excellent for both beginner and experienced lifters who want to push for PBs and lift as heavy as possible.

The Merax bench has six incline positions and features ultra-thick, soft padding to ensure a comfortable workout.


The Steelbody adjustable weight bench is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the most bang for their buck.

The Steelbody bench dimensions are 119 x 65 x 114 cm and can hold up to 362KG of weight. It’s built from extremely high-quality steel.
On top of this, the Steelbody bench has six different incline options, allowing you to conduct almost any exercise with a weight bench.

Best of all, the Steelbody bench is one of the most comfortable on the market. So this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable but brilliant bench.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s our comprehensive guide to choosing the best adjustable weight bench. Make sure to do your own research before you buy, as your adjustable weight bench will often form the heart of your home gym.

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